For best results...

  • Avoid exposing your newly applied decals to water for a minimum of 48 hours. To ensure the durability of the decals, it is recommended to allow ample time for the adhesive to fully bond with the windshield/window surface.
  • Refrain from using your wiper blades on the decals until they are completely cured. Once the decals have properly adhered, there is little risk of them being removed or damaged by regular wiper blade usage, provided they were installed correctly. 
  • Do not install in or during extreme weather conditions(rain, heat, etc.)


  1. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth to completely remove any waxes or surface protectants prior to installation.

  2. Peel the paper backing off the decal. If any piece of the decal clings to the backing when you try to remove it, slowly press them back together and repeat. (You want the transfer tape to pick up all of the decal in one piece)

  3. Apply the decal on the desired surface. (Working outwards from the center, press the decal down firmly with moderate pressure using a vinyl squeegee or a clean microfiber cloth)

  4. Firmly rub the felt edge of the squeegee across the decal to press the transfer tape against the vinyl. 

  5. Slowly begin peeling the application tape off, at a 45 degree angle or parallel to the surface. We recommend against just pulling the transfer tape upwards or perpendicular to the surface as you may pull the decal back up or damage it. 

  6. If the decal begins coming away from the surface with the transfer paper, press it back down and repeat. If it continues to pull away, the surface has likely not been cleaned sufficiently.

    For additional assistance please email